Company policy

The Business Quality policy is determined by the Management of the companies

The Quality Assurance procedures as a whole ensure:

  • Quality of service
  • A constant quality level

Our businesses continue to develop thanks to a qualified, motivated and responsible workforce.

Our businesses take the necessary steps to ensure that quality is understood, implemented and maintained.

Complete customer satisfaction underpins the development of our companies’ operations and is the best guarantee of their sustainability.

Our work is characterised by our values and codes of practice.


One objective: customer satisfaction

  • Obligations are fulfilled in a climate of trust
  • A real desire for cooperation, in the customer’s interest
  • Expertise in technology and human relations
  • A service culture, combining responsiveness and readiness

Our technical skills contribute to our reputation with a loyal customer base.

We have a flexible, responsive approach insofar as We are constantly self-monitoring to ensure we meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

To demonstrate the quality of our services and offering, we have completed our Qualifelec procedures and obtained the following certification:

  • STAE: E14 on 1 April 2013 for a four-year period
  • SECRE ENERGIE: MGTI4 ET on 1 December 2016 for a four-year period
  • Engineering Office : Engineering and Design on 1 Décember 2016 for a four-year period
  • SECRE EQUIPEMENT: E11 on 1 August 2014 for a four-year period


We are also implementing procedures for secure, overall service quality monitoring, and we have obtained the following MASE certification:

  • STAE from 11 March 2016 onwards for a three-year period
  • SECRE ENERGIE from 17 March 2017 for a three-year period


For operations involving ionising radiation in basic nuclear facilities, we have obtained the following certification:
CEFRI N° 1043 E on 1 October 2016 for STAE.