Our jobs

Although our areas of competence are wide-ranging, we have endeavoured to improve our knowledge and explore innovative ideas over the years.

  • Cable drawing
  • Laying cable runs
  • Installation and connection of electrical equipment
  • Design Department
  • Electrical department for MV, power and data systems, ISS, Video-surveillance
  • Technical support, repairs and maintenance
  • Computer cabling, including acceptance testing
  • Voice, data, images
  • HV, MV and LV power installations in industrial facilities
  • Industrial automatic controllers, process instrumentation and industrial control installations
  • Electro-mechanical equipment
  • Narrow-gauge pipes for industrial process installations
  • Maintenance for various electrical installations including instrumentation, regulation and automatic control
  • Research, design and production of electrical equipment, especially:
  • Power and energy distribution cabinets
  • Cabinets for command/control and relay racks
  • Automatic controller cabinets
  • Command/control and regulation panel
  • Lighting
  • Architectural redevelopment
  • Illuminations
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Distribution board
  • LV distribution board
  • Command/control (building management systems)